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Bridge is a Customer Communication Management System (CCMS) for banks and telecoms.

It is designed to handle all banking document from ERPs like Amplitude and Temenos T24 and all telecoms documents from ERPs like BSCS, and optimize communication with clients through multi-channel delivery.

Bridge is composed of several applications, modules, services and microservices.

The main modules of this solution are Bridge engine, Bridge reports, and Bridge Database.

The most valuable features provided by Bridge Engine are:

  • The Classification of data by domain such as (front office, back office, Foreign Bank, Credit and Guarantee, etc.) from core banking, i.e. Amplitude ( Delta) or Temenos ( T24) and related applications following the pattern’s identification.
  • The design and Composition of documents according to several specific models after defining and extracting the useful data for the documents generation.
  • The distribution of documents through several channels (sending by e-mail, sms, spool, backup on the server, etc.).

Bridge - Reports is a document portal developed in a web technology environment to manage in a simple, secure and optimal way all documents edited from the core banking and related applications.

It permits also consumption of REST APIs to integrate with mobile banking and Web Banking.